>Bands/Musicians….did you ever wish that you had someone you could trust that was an extension of you and your band? Someone who “gets it” and shares the same passion that you do about your music? Someone that would go to great lengths to make sure that everything was just right and was completely dedicated to your success? Well, if you’ve been searching for that person, you’ve found her in Rachel Staub and CSR promotions. I have known Rachel personally and can attest to her dedication and genuine concern for musicians, as well as her unbelievable commitment to help bands and musicians reach their fullest potential. She is super easy to work with, trustworthy and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed in this business. I am proud to call her my friend and am so happy that she is in our corner. She’s one of a kind and you’d be a fool not to have her work with you. In my opinion, there are very few people in this world that have the drive, talent and passion to truly embrace and enhance a musical career. Rachel Staub and CSR promotions are on the top of that list!

Clint Carothers
Drummer, Flight 19

“Rachel Staub’s dedication and love for music is like no other. She’s got what it takes to take your band to the next level.”

Bill Leverty
Guitarist, Firehouse

“As someone who has been in this business in Philadelphia for a good 15 years, I have dealt with a lot of agents, musicians, bands, clubs, casinos, etc. I’m truly excited for Rachel and her new endeavor with CSR, for finally bringing under one roof something she has done for years. Rarely do I see agents travel the distances or attend shows (out of her own pocket) so often to get behind a band or a musician she truly believes in. She is passionate to the max, and does nothing but further the cause and get the word out of all she works with. Here’s wishing CSR and all the musicians who have a chance to work with Rach the best of luck –

Jimmy Masiak
General Manager of Finnigan’s Wake

There are many people in the world that have a passion for music. As a friend of Rachel Staub I can tell you that not only does she have passion….she has he knowledge and the spark that ignites music from any foundation. Helping it to soar to bigger and better heights!!!
Rachel has a wonderful and positive vibe to bring to all the people that know her and the ones who work along side her. I am proud of Rachel and of CSR Music Promotions.
Bands and musicians please give Rachel a call…..blending your creativity and ideas….it’s well worth it!!! 🙂
“Life is a journey and through music we can follow the road of passion together.
“Carla Salgado
Friend and independent artist/designer

“For over two years, Rachel was an immense help and supporter of Fosterchild. She did an outstanding job in procuring information and contacts at both terrestrial and internet radio. Her work and commitment to helping with a project she believes in is a valued commodity. A rare find these days in rock & roll”
Brian Quinn
Founder/guitarist of Octane, Fosterchild & The Jungle

“Rachel Staub is to me the most dedicated supporter of music on all levels. She has shown me and my band JADED PAST nothing but love and endless support. Rachel has the knowledge as well as the heart to help Every Band or Project move to the next level. I personally have tremendous love for her and her talents.”
George Becker

Rachel’s dedication and hard work to make our band’s career the best it can be cannot be thanked for enough! She took a small town Ohio band and made us feel like we were worth the time to put faith into and in return we put faith into her and into CSR Music Promotions and I believe any band should do the same. She is the lady and CSR is the company to put your band’s future in. \m/
Jonathan Stanley
Guitarist, Youth Gone Wild

Rachel Staub is simply the BEST! Thank you Rachel for all of your hard work, because of you we were able to bring some awesome stuff to Chicago for the fans and collectors and you were SO helpful in so many ways, i really appreciate everything and thanks to you and the fans who bought my merchandise, I can send another check out for the animal shelters and pay some touring expenses. ANY BAND THAT NEEDS A MERCHANDISE COMPANY TO SELL AT SHOWS-PLEASE CONSIDER WORKING WITH RACHEL,you wont find anyone better!!!!
Ted Poley Lead Singer of Danger Danger


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