Internet Radio Promotions

We send your quality MP3 single to radio stations all over the country to get you the potential airplay.

$100/week with a minimum of 12 weeks


Email Marketing

We design an EPK  ( Electronic Press Kit) and distribute it to radio stations, magazines, producers, booking agents.   We also give you access to it to use for yourself as well.

$500/month minimum of 6 months

Gig Campaign

We contact local venues in your travel radius and negotiate with them to offer you an opportunity to play their venue and hopefully get put in the rotation.

100/month  $100 upfront and 10% of gig money up to 15 months after contacting

300/month  $250/month upfront and 10%

500/month  $400/month and 10%

Minimum of 3 months.  Must give us 30 days notice to stop.   We will discuss your radius to decide which tier above is appropriate for your needs.


Publicity Campaign  (Printed)

We mail your press kits to radio stations, magazines, agents, and producers. Band must supply  press picture, CD or EP, web links, and contact information. You will also be responsible for paying monthly my shipping costs

$500/ month  minimum of 6 months


Street Team Formation

We will set up a street team and train leaders to do it on their own.  If you want us to run it there will be a monthly fee.

$500 one time fee  + $100/month to run it.   We will have chats to help keep the group helping your cause and let them know what is new with the band.  We will hold contests to encourage them to make the most of their chances to help your band reach its goals


We will come up with a newsletter and electronically distribute it to your fans on either a bi monthly or quarterly basis.   Your imput will be needed to make this as fan friendly as possible.   They want to know about their favorite band!!

Bi Monthly publication  $400/issue

Quarterly publication  $500/issue

College Radio Promotions

We will send hard copies of your EP or CD to the music directors and follow up to make sure you are placed in the rotation.   You will need to send us the number of CDs you want sent and a few extras as giveaways at the colleges.   College radio is known to break bands into the scene.   They are up to date on what is hip and what is not.   They are definitely an avenue to take seriously.

50 stations= $500

100 stations= $900

200 stations= $1500


Web Design and Logo

We work with Left Brain Productions for this service.  They do a great job at designing logos and really easy websites.   Let us know if you are interested.


I will be responsible for setting up and tearing down your merch table at shows and sell during the show for you. My rate is my gas money to and from the show and 10% of the merch sales total. Make sure you give me enough notice to make sure I am available for your show.


We will help you acquire the appropriate endorsements when needed for things such as promotions, tour, gear, recording and printing of new music, and distribution costs. We will work with you on your business plan and find a figure to work on receiving. Our fee for this will be 10% of your price you are looking for. If we are not able to acquire your said amount we will still require we receive our 10% of what was obtained.


We realize a lot of smaller bands just starting up can’t afford to pay a promotions manager and a booking agent so they choose the later because of money. CSR Music Promotions will act as BOTH to maximize your show potential. If you choose to have us act on your behalf as both we only ask for a total of 15% instead of 10% of gig money. We will make sure that the venue has all your demands and contracts are signed in a timely manner. We will be in constant contact with the band representative when opportunities are brought to our attention. This will help the band capitalize on both aspects of the company. We are here to help you. Our success iS your success.


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