My love of music started at a very young age.   I have ALWAYS had an ecletic taste in music.  If it sounds good and it talked to the heart than it was on my favorites list.   I played a flute in school so I got to respect the other side of the band.  When you put the two together you got a very powerful connection.   As I became a teenager I used my music as an escape.  When I became a young woman I realized that live shows were very powerful for me.   I to this day attend as many as I can.   I get the same high as the performers do from the stage from the front row.  I have been told I am an extention of the band.

   As it came to be when I realized how powerful my love of live music became is when I stumbled on to my very useful talent.   I was working with a few of my favorite bands street teams… let’s face it  the more gigs they got the more shows I got to see.   It is a win win for both parties.   I quickly fine tuned the craft of promotions.  I pride myself in being a simple minded person who thinks outside the box.  I have dealt with bands of all shapes and sizes…from the international sensations to the cover bands just living  their dreams of performing live.  I don’t get starstruck so that makes what I do even better.   I am here with a mission.  I want to help you achieve your musical dreams.   I love to help the underdog.  The fact of the matter is that this business is extremely tough and everyone is an underdog.  I have learned the ins and outs just by observing the pros and learning.  I have had professional promoters come to me to ask advice because they don’t have  the success I do.   That is why I decided that CSR Music Promotions needed to be born.  I want to help you achieve your success.  The road is long and it is frustrating but I promise that I will do everything I can do help you and I will be right there with you.  My goal is to achieve your goals.   I have connections all over the country from radio to venues.  I look forward to working with you very soon.   Together we can keep  the world rockin’.   

  Music is the universal language of the heart and fortantely for you I speak it fluently.   CSR Baby!!  Just in case you wondered what CSR stands for… Can’t Stop Rock!  
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